Organizations dealing with mortgages and loans come across numerous paper documents like loan applications, forms, legal letters, etc. every day which need to be processed and managed accurately and on time. A little error during the process can cause a significant loss to the company. Maintenance of such a huge volume of paper documents is also cumbersome. Hence, electronic data storage has been preferred to store paper documents. The main disadvantage with manual processing is the long processing time. Moreover, with manual processing, the rate of accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Using OCR for Mortgage Documents is a solution for all such problems that occur due to manual processing and management

Customized search

Multiple configure files

Signature Date

Extract Signature Date for custom search phrases (title)


Review documents history

Create Final PDF

TURN on / off pages or titles

Desktop Application

Quick Start:

download, install, set configure file for titles


Page number, Signature Date, Select pages for final PDF


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